Q: Is shipping free?

A: That depends, if you spend less than $25, then standard shipping rates are used. However, if you spend $25 or more, then yes, shipping is free!!

Q: How much does shipping costs?

A: Shipping depends on a few different factors, where do you live, how much does the merchandise weigh and how much you purchase. The further you live away from our shipping points and the heavier the product, the more the shipping costs, however, if you purchase more than $25 of product, shipping is free!!

Q:  What carriers do you use to ship?

A: We use either United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS) standard shipping services.

Q: How long will it take to get my package?

A: You’ve placed an order of some fabulous merchandise that you and your dog are going to love, now what. Once we receive your order, we will pack and ship your order within 2 calendar days. After that, the amount of time depends on your location and the carrier, but it usually will take 2-8 days.

Q: Can I get my package quicker?

A:  If you would like to get your package quicker, please contact us to quote cost of shipping to your needs.

Q: Why did my order come in separate shipments?

A: Depending on your order, the order maybe split up for shipping purposes, or at times, the product may come from different warehouses.